Royal Abundance


Our heavenly Royal Abundance essential oil blend is back! Created with our finest rare White Frankincense from Oman, Myrrh, Fresh Ginger, White Canadian Spruce, Japanese Yuzu, Sweet Italian Orange, Jamaican Allspice and more. For lovers of our original formula, this finely tuned new blend will have you salivating. Royal, lush, sweet, fragrant and intoxicating, Royal Abundance boasts a plethora of health benefits for the body, mind and spirit that also just smell simply AMAZING!


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100% pure essential oils including White Frankincense, Myrrh Co2, White Spruce, Patchouli, Fresh Ginger, Sweet Orange, Yuzu, Allspice and Cinnamon Bark*Please dilute well before using topically. 

  • Suggested uses: 
  • Massage (excellent pain remedial)
  • Unguent
  • Room spray
  • Annointing
  • Bath
  • Diffusion


Additional information

15ml, 5ml

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