The scent is deliciously warm, sweet & spicy. Blends well with Sweet Orange, Ginger, Patchouli and Fir oils. Allspice is an excellent circulatory that’s good for all kinds of aches and pains, making it a fragrantly lovely addition in massage blends.The anti bacterial properties of Allspice lends itself well in a diffuser blend during cold season for keeping the air clear and the house smelling  yummy sweet. Try it with some Orange, Fir and a hint of Cinnamon in the winter. Use Allspice sparingly.



Allspice: (Pimento caucus)~berry Origin: WI c/org. Properties & indications:-Bronchial congestion-Indigestion-Nervous exhaustion-Rheumatoid arthritis-Warming- Anti bacterial-Aphrodisiac. Primary Constiuents: Eugenol; methyleugenol. Uses: Topically highly diluted. Diffused. Add sparinly to recipes or in a warm beverage during cold season (use toothpick method). Caution: Dermal caustic. High eugenol content. Avoid if pregnant.

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15ml, 5ml