Bay Laurel


Bay Laurel works wonders for lymphatic drainage. It is probably one of the most effective oils for detoxification purposes. I like to apply a drop or 2 neat directly on the lymph nodes. It’s extremely well tolerated for most people. Try it in the sauna combined with some Eucalyptus and MQV for a real detox boost! Wonderful with Peppermint too!



Bay Laurel: (Laurus nobilis) ~leaves Origin: BOS wild c/org. Method : steam distilled Properties: Immunolymphatic stimulant -Lymphatic drainage -Immune support -Detoxification Primary constituants: Oxides (cineole) 40% Alcohols (linalool) 10% Phenylpropanoids (eugenol) 30% Sesquiterpene lactones 5%

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15ml, 5ml