Wild Carrot Seed


This precious essential oil from Canada is one of the best treatments for regenerating skin cells and liver cells. It is widely used in skin care for its revitalizing and toning effect and as a treatment for excema, brown spots & rosacea. Combined with Greenland moss and Helichrysum, Carrot seed has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate and rebuild liver cells. Carrot seed has a typical earthy carrot scent with a green note reminding of carrot leaves with a light fruity-floral aroma. Unique and indispensible.



Wild Carrot Seed: (Dacaus carota) ~seeds Origin: CAN –wild craft Method: Steam distillation Properties: liver cell regenerator: anti-coagulant ; digestive tonic; hypolipidemic; neurotonic; thyroid dysfunctions; exzema. Constituents: Geranyl acetate, sabinene, a- pinene, myrcene, terpin-1-en-4-ol, linalol, germacrene D, a-caryophyllene, a-bisabolene. Uses: topical and oral (1-2 drops per day).

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