Japanese Mint


We’ve had many requests for the so-called Japanese Mint oil over the years but have been reluctant to carry it due to being unsatisfied with the quality of oils we had sampled. Finally, a Mentha arvensis  (aka Japanese Mint) oil from Nepal we can feel proud to put our label on. This oil is very fresh, clean, sweet and crisp. With time, it will mellow beautifully but is still remarkabely lovely as is. With a menthol content of over 70%, this wonderful oil will make a perfect addition to many kinds of massage blends, pain relief formulas, bath salts, flavouring recipes and much more. A nice cooling head and foot massage perhaps? If you’re a mint fan with a high menthol content, you’re going to love it!



Japanese Mint:  (mentha arvensis) Origin: NEP ethical fair trade Method: Steam distilled Primary Constituents: Menthol 72.85%, Menthone 9.13% Limonene 3.43% Isomenthone 3.35% methyl acetate Caution: Contraindicated in cases of cardiac fibrillation & G6PD deficiency.

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100ml, 15ml, 500ml, 5ml