Greenland Moss


Greenland Moss is an important metabolic oil that has been shown to support both liver and kidney function, balance the thyroid and reduce allergy symptoms. Anecdotal evidence suggests the ability for Greenland Moss to  help cleanse and regenerate damaged liver cells. Best used *orally (see notes). May be used topically diluted around liver and kidney area.



Greenland Moss: (Ledum Groenlandicum )~leaves Origin: Canada – ethical wild craft Method: Steam distilled Properties: Regenerating -Liver cleansing -Kidney support -Thyroid equilibrator  Primary Constituents: Esters (bornyl acetate) Alcohols (a-terpieol) Sequiterpenes Uses: oral (1 drop) Blends well with Helichrysum, Lemon, Ravintsara, Carrot seed, Rosemary verbenone and Celery seed. *Note: Be respectful of this oil. Don’t exceed recommended dosage. Suggested dosage: 1 drop twice daily for 7-10 days. Please consult your aromatherapist for further recommendations regarding treatment plans with this highly valued oil.

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