Lemon Tea Tree


Did you know Lemon Tea Tree is actually a relative of Manuka & Kunzea? All 3 are from the Myrtaceous Tea Tree species. Along with of course the famous Melaleuca alternifolia, there is also Rosalina, Fragonia and a host of other amazing Australian oils from the Myrtaceous family with incredible healing powers. Lemon Tea Tree is the #1 oil used in Australia for horse and cattle and dog grooming I’m told. Works wonders at keeping black flies away. Lemon Tea Tree is a fantastic mosquito repellant especially when combined with Cedar wood and Patchouli. We use all 3 in our famous Buzz Off! formula.  For mice infestation, combine Lemon Tea Tree with Peppermint and place diligently in suspected infested areas .  Add a few drops of Lemon Tea Tree to a spray bottle with water to make an effective, lemon fresh anti-bacterial/anti-fungal cleaning solution for your kitchen counter tops and bathroom. The uses are only limited to your imagination. Another great oil from down under!



Lemon Tea Tree: (Leptospermum petersonnii)~LEAVES Origin: AUS – c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties : Antiseptic -Insecticide -Antifungal -Antibacterial Primary Constiuents :Terpene aldehydes (citral) Blends well with Manuka, Rosalina, Tea Tree, Patchouli, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Dilute before use.

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15ml, 5ml