If we were to choose just one must have essential oil, Helichrysum would surely be the go to. From skin care to wound healing and it’s ability to reduce swelling and ameliorate pain, to drug detoxification and liver cleansing. Helichrysum helps clear bronchial congestion, clear bruising and a whole lot more. Helichrysum is the go to, miracle oil for the whole family! Helichrysum is becoming more and more a rarity every year due to climate change and both the improper and unethical over harvesting wild crafting practises on account of its recent popularity. Consequently, prices for this precious oil have gone up through the roof. We are very conscientious on how are oils are sourced and are committed to offering the best value for the most sustainable, certified organic, fair trade and therapeutically abundant Helichrysum you will find.


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Helichrysum : (Helichrysum italicum )~ flowering tops Origin: BOS –c/org G&A Method: Steam distilled Properties:  anti-inflammatory -hematoma -cell regenerative -mucolytic -wound healing Primary Constituents: Esters (nerylacetate) Diketones (italidone). Blends well with Lavender, Rosemary verbenone, Chamomile and Rock Rose.

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