Galangal essential oil has a wonderful fresh, clean aroma with camphor-wood- cineole notes. The dry out is warm, sweet & spicy. It is used widely in Southeast Asia for helping with digestive disorders and as a powerful anti inflammative for cases of arthritis. Though not widely used in perfumery, I think it has much potential in this area for some interesting exotic “Oriental” type perfume blends. Galangal is reputed throughout history as being a potent aphrodisiac as well. One smell of this fragrant oil and you’ll see why.

Bottled a new batch of Galangal up the other day after bottling some Cocoa and felt like I was floating in heaven. Think I’ll be making a new perfume soon. Really yummy nice!



Galangal –(Alpinia galanga)~ rhizomes Origin: INDO Method: Steam distilled w/c Properties: Anti-microbial; anti-inflammative ; digestive. Primary Constituents: Phenylpropenyl esters: i,8 cineole 30%; methyl cinnamate 50%. Blends well with Cardamom, Ginger, Zedoary, Tumeric and Xanthoxylum.

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15ml, 5ml