Lime, Distilled


Unlike any other citrus essential oil, distilled Lime oil is extracted by distilling the mesh of rind, fruit and juice.  Lime clears the mind, purifies the aura and renews the spirit.
Mildly sweet, tart and fragrant, Lime makes a wonderful top note for rounding out blends that are too sweet or floral. Works wonders with most Fir oils, Nutmeg, and Vanilla. Use moderately, a little goes a long way. Wonderful addition in a men’s aftershave and cologne. Blended in Coconut oil with a little Cacao, distilled Lime will make the perfect compliment for a super rich and yummy tropical body butter soufflé or a delectable hand crafted massage balm that will be sure to please!
*Because this oil is steam distilled, it is not photo toxic like many other citrus oils can be.



Lime(Citrus aurantifoli) ~ whole fruit Origin: SAL – pesticide free Properties & Uses: Purifying; uplifting; invigorating; good for oily skin. Not phototoxic!

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15ml, 5ml