Ylang-ylang extra


The beautiful fragrance of this rare Ylang-ylang extra combined with it’s interesting ester molecule content makes this oil a perfect addition to any relax blend. It’s been shown to be extremely effective for many nervous system related conditions including anxiety, nervous depression, frigidity, epilepsy & much more. For the perfumer, this oil is a natural extender for Jasmine and a must for its exquisite heart-note fragrance. Blends well with Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, Lavender & Patchouli.



Ylang-ylang extra: (Cananga odorata) ~flowers Origin: Madagascar – c/org. Method: Steam distilled Properties & Uses: Tachycardia -anti depressive -spasmolytic -calming -aphrodisiac -perfume.  Primary Constituents: Alcohols (linalool) 55% Esters 15% Sesquiterpenes Uses: Topical & inhalation.

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15ml, 5ml