Kunzea is a wonderful essential oil from New Zealand that doesn’t get the much deserved notice it deserves. Kunzea is good for all kinds of deep tissue work especially where there is a lot of emotional attachment. According to Robbi Zeck, Kunzea helps to diffuse and transform deep emotional pain that has grown solid as a result of suppression. It will help release energy blocks along the meridian system making it a great complimentary oil in TCM practice.

Kunzea essential oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory, useful for providing temporary relief from chronic inflammatory conditons, acute muscle strain & sports injury. Topical application has been used to help reduce bruising, swelling and irritation, as well as relieving joint pain, nervous tension, stress & minor anxiety. Kunzea essential oil has been test proven effective against Staph, E-coli, Candida & gram positive bacteria. It’s been used effectively as a cold & flu preventative, as a natural insect repellant, room deodorize, in skin care & to promote rstful sleep. Perfumers will find the scent  deliciously intriguing. I have to admit- I love this oil!



Kunzea: (Kunzea ambigua) ~leaves Origin: NZ  c/org Method :Steam distilled Properties -Antimicrobial -Anti-inflammatory -Stress reducing  Primary Constiuents: apinene; a-terpinene; Limonene; Leptospermone Uses: Muscular aches & pains; rashes; recurring shingles; Insect repellant; athletes foot; body deodorant.  Blends well with Lavender, Manuka, Rosalina and Fragonia .

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15ml, 5ml