Osmanthus absolute


Osmanthus is a flowering bush that originates from China and later brought to France for the perfume industry. In Asia, a fragrant blossoming tea is prepared with the dried blossoms that is reputed to be good for a beautiful, clear complexion. The absolute is obtained from the blossoms and is highly prized & valued in high-end perfumery. Osmanthus is rare, precious & costly. A fragrance with so many nuances from sweet & floral to green & woody with hints of Jasmine, Lilac , Black Currant & Green tea. The aroma is like walking through a garden of fresh ripened apricots and blossoming freesias after a warm summer rain. A gorgeously delectable and irresitable aroma. A must for any perfumer!



Osmanthus absolute: (osmantus fragrans) ~flowers Origin: FR  – traditional cultivation. Method: Solvent extracted Properties: Anti-spasmodic -aphrodesiac -anti-depressant Blends well with Neroli, Ylang-ylang & Violet leaf and Lavender. Uses: Primarily perfume.

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2 ml, 5ml