Patchouli, Sumatra


North Sumatra produces the worlds very finest Patchouli oils. It is what Provence is for Lavender. This is the “gold standard” in high-end perfumery. The aroma of this vintage is rich, sweet and delicate. Extremely well rounded with hints of nuts & dark chocolate imbued into its musky-earthy body.  Besides being a “must have” perfume staple, Patchouli finds usefulness for healing cracked skin, counter-acting athletes foot, as a natural deodorant, for relieving hemorrhoid swelling, for acne treatment and as a potent venous tonic. Patchouli is a reputed aphrodisiac, blending well with many oils including Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Rose & Orange. This particular limited batch of Sumatra Patchouli has been aged for 8 plus yrs. Like all good Patchouli oils, it will only get better. Deliciously sexy!



Patchouli (Pogosternum cabin) ~leaves Origin: INDO certified organic Properties:: anti fungal; phlebotonic; antiphlogistic; regenerative; anti bacterial; anti inflammatory; aphrodisiac.; de-stressing. Primary constituents: Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons & sesquiterpene alcohols. Blends well with Cypress, Sweet orange, Cedarwood & Lavender.

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