Grapefruit, Ruby Red


This new batch of Ruby Red Grapefruit is bright, crisp and energizing . Great for jet lag, room refreshing and mood elevating. Grapefruit, applied topically has long been employed as part of many types of anti-cellulite treatment blends due its toning, detoxifying and astringent effects. Research has also shown that inhaling Grapefruit essential oil may reduce the craving for sweets making it a worthy choice for dieters. It’s relaxing, up-lifting and purifying properties makes Grapefruit an excellent choice for the diffuser. Plays well with others. Especially nice with Frankincense or Giant Aborvitae!



Grapefruit: (Citrus paradisii) ~peel Origin: USA –c/org Method: Cold pressed from certified organic fruit peel. Properties: Antiviral; diuretic; disinfecting; purifying; calming; uplifting.  Good for::-Obesity -Skin congestion – Blends well Lavender, Geranium, Vetivert, needle oils and other citrus oils. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes/Aldehydes; d-limonene 95%; geraniol, cadinene, citral, and dimethyl anthranilate. Uses: :Diffuser; Topical (diluted) ; Oral (2 drops diluted).

*Note: Photosensitizing

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