Sweet Birch


Betula lenta is a medium-sized deciduous tree that grows here in Canada that is often mistakenly identified as a cherry tree & sometimes referred to as Cherry Birch. In some older trees the bark develop interesting vertical cracks into irregular scaly plates revealing rough darkish brown bark patterns. The bark, when scraped, emits a strong scent of wintergreen due to it’s methyl salicylate content which is produced in the bark. Birch was used commercially in the past for production of oil of wintergreen before modern industrial synthesis of the oil. According to our distiller, producing Birch oil is labour intensive and the yield is very low, making this oil quite expensive and not commercially viable anymore. The smell of this oil is truly amazing! Addictive smelling like a cool wintergreen candy. You’ll love it! *Please use with caution & read our warnings on this special oil before using.



Sweet Birch (Betula lenta L.) – bark CAN w/c steam distilled Constituents: Methyl Salicylate [90+%] Properties: Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Anti-rheumatic, Anti-Arthritic, Febrifuge, Diuretic, Antiseptic, Disinfectant * Contraindicated: (all routes) by anyone taking anticoagulant medications, major surgery or with bleeding disorders as they inhibit blood clotting. To be avoided by anyone who has salicylate sensitivity (often applies in ADD/ADHD). Contraindicated orally: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Hazards: High doses may be teratogenic.  Maximum dermal application level is 2.5%  –  Maximum adult daily oral dose is 182 mg.  Warning: Essential Oils with a high methyl salicylate content should be avoided orally with small children, during pregnancy & breastfeeding due to the risk of developing Reye’s syndrome ~*Robert Tisserand Essential Oil Safety 2nd edition p.215  30 mls of oil of wintergreen is equivalent to 55.7 g of aspirin, or about 171 adult aspirin tablets!

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