Rose Geranium


Although more costly than our beloved Egyptian Geranium oil (pelargonium x aspernum), this Rose Geranium from Madagascar has very similar properties, but (as its name implies) has a rose-like sweetly-herbaceous-floral aroma, which makes it a desirable oil in perfumery to enhance rose notes. It is toning and rejuvenating and has a balancing effect as it can soothe without sedating, and uplift the spirits. Geranium’s PH balancing, anti microbial and anti fungal properties are a “must” for every woman’s gynecological health & personal hygiene regiment, as is it’s hormonal balancing, tonifying & adaptogenic effect. Not to mention it’s lovely sweet floral aroma!

*Rose Geranium has been shown to be an effective aromatic agent for repelling ticks and mosquitos when applied topically diluted in preferred carrier of choice such as soya bean oil, MCT, aloe vera, etc.



Rose Geranium (Pelargonium roseum) ~leaves Origin : MAD c/org. Steam distilled Properties: anti microbial; anti fungal; adaptogenic; PH balancing; antiviral. Primary Constiuents: geraniol; citronellol; geranyl acetate.; citonellyl acetate. Blends well with Lavender, Clary Sage & Rose. Dilute before use

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15ml, 5ml