Man Qi Pr

Man Qi Pr is a unique essential oil formula designed to keep a man’s prostate healthy. It helps to reduce any signs of inflammation that may be present, prevents infection, increases circulation, promotes stamina and helps improve overall Qi energy and sexual health. We suggest using this formula diluted in a carrier oil at a rate of approximately 3-5 drops per tsp. for a massage that includes the perineum and prostate areas if possible. Formula may also be used in a lubricating carrier such as our Shea nut oil, coconut or St.John’s Wort macerated oil (recommended for prostate care) in conjunction with a good prostate stimulator such as the Aneros , Nexus or Njoy models of choice.


100% pure organic essential oil formula that includes Black Spruce, Goldenrod, Sandalwood and Mandarin. Dilute before use. Prostate tips: Learn to perform proper prostate massage, introduce regular enemas into your lifestyle, eat a clean healthy diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of whole grains, pumpkin seeds, shiitake mushroom and olive oil, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks, take tinctures or supplements which include Saw Palmetto, nettles and pygeum, and most important- take time to do things that help you de-stress. *It’s important to check with your doctor before beginning any prostate treatment plan if you are experiencing any pain or inflammation in your prostate.

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15ml, 5ml