Ravintsare is known as the “Good Leaf”. It is a powerful anti viral yet gentle enough to use with small children,  the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. It can be used neat on cold sores or applied on the soles of the feet during acute stages of cold & flues. I like to use it inter-changeably with Palmarosa when needed. Using Ravintsare in the evening and Palmarosa in the day if flu has struck really helps getting well quickly and reduce down time. Ravintsare is part of our 3 Tree Flu Remedy blend which has been a staple cold and flu buster around here for years. Ravintsare should be a stable in every household pharmacopeia.




Ravenintsare : (Cinnamomum camphora)~leaves Origin:MAD –c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties & uses: Anti viral; neurotonic; expectorant; muscle pain; herpes simplex; shingles; immune deficiency. Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes (pinene) Alcohols (a-terpineol) Sesquiterpenes (beta caryophyllene) Oxides (cineole) Uses: Topical and inhalation. *Can be used for specific viral conditions orally under supervision & guidance of qualified aromatherapist. Blends well with Eucalyptus, MQV, Palmarosa & Bay Laurel.

**Kurt Schnaubelt recommended and has popularized an effective treatment for shingles consisting of 50% Ravintsara and Tea Tree to 50% Calophyllum inophyllum applied directly at the onset of an out-break.

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