Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent medicine and should not be used orally. On occasion, some oils may be used properly diluted and administered for internal use. One – two drops of essential to a litre of water is usually sufficient. Suppositories are another great way to use oils internally, especially for conditions such as upper respiratory infections. Talk to us or someone properly trained before using essential oils internally. Don’t be a willy nilly!

That all depends what you’re trying to accomplish. The shower is a great way for novices to realize the benefits of essential oils for example. Inhalation, massage and of course diffusion are other great ways to use essential oils.

What? if I was stranded on a dessert island you mean? That’s a tough question that I get regularly asked and is not really fair to answer. Probably the oil I would keep if I had to choose just one would be our beloved Helichrysum. I’m also particularly fond of Thyme Thuyanol. But really, there are so many outstanding essential oils for a whole lot of conditions. And what I may love one day, I may be revolted over the next. Listen to your body and allow the oils to “speak” their wisdom to you.

Because they are potent. It takes a lot of plant material for a single drop of oil. Take Lavender for example, I know more aromatherapists who can’t go near Lavender. Anybody can become sensitized to anything.Dilute. Dilute. Dilute!

For simple dilutions, I like using Jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. They are both very stable, not too greasy, and they are virtually scentless. Otherwise, use a base oil suited to the purpose you are blending. For example, if you’re making a blend for pain, try our Trauma Healing oil with the appropriate essential oils suited for your particular needs. Raspberry seed oil works great in solar car blends because of it ability at blocking harmful UV rays. Rose hip seed oil is wonderful for addressing scar tissue and wrinkles among other things.

If they are culinary oils such as Cardamon or Oregano then most certainly. They are potent so use caution. Less is always better. Experiment. Use culinary oils to enhance flavours not to replace flavours.

No. Not the essential oils. We are not distillers. I make oil macerations and blends and perfume. I wild craft and grow a few botanicals but I do not distill. i leave that to the expert artisan distillers.

Hydrosols are wonderful! They are the by-product of essential oil distillation and have many therapeutic uses of great value. They really are, as Suzanne Catty put it awhile back  in her classic  book “The Next Generation of Aromatherapy”.

That depends on the hydrosol. In most cases hydrosols make lovely skin toners. You can also add a tsp. of hydrosols to your diffuser. Some hydrosols such as Melissa or Rose are lovely added to various recipes and drinks. Use about a tsp. of hydrosol per litre of water. They are very versatile and worth experimenting with in a countless number of ways.

Please no. I am aware under certain conditions, with select animals (not cats!), essential oils in high dilution have been used successfully for a variety of purposes topically. Please consult a professional trained in this area. Your pets do not have a say and you could hurt them. DO NOT USE E.O.’s WITH CATS EVER! Their livers do not contain the proper enzymes to process essential oils.


That depends on what she likes. Does she want something powerful? Insertable? Just for clitoral stimulation? Or does she like dual stimulation? Anything by LELO, Fun Factory, We-Vibe or Womanizer is a safe bet. Just don’t cheap out. Get her something lovely. Maybe something you can both use together like the We-Vibe Sync that also can be played with remotely may be fun! Or a LELO Massage Wand. Now there’s a treat! The Womanizer also has an insertable model that is sure to curl her toes. And it’s real beautiful! Sure orgasm everytime!

Absolutely. But only as much as you work with them. Make a commitment to regular yoni egg practise and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your yoni responds.

Some people respond very well while others not so much. Find one that’s right for you. Everyone responds differently. Some people have spectacular results while others experience little or nothing at all. They are definitely worth a try!

Glass dils that have been designed specifically by the manufacturer as a sex toy are typically constructed  from very strong hard glass that has been “pyrexed”. The kind of glass you can cook casseroles in. They are very safe. You should only worry if you have dropped them on a hard surface such as cement or tiles. If you have any doubt about their integrity, don’t use them as an insertable.

You want a good toy with a comfortable easy insertion point and small expansion at the base.  The trick is to use lots of good lube, breathe and relax. Silicone lube works the best for anal play as it does not dry out. Unfortunately, silicone lube does not work well with silicone toys. There are some really nice stainless steel and glass anal plugs for beginners that work great with silicone toys. Try a good water based lube made specifically for anal play such as our Sutil Rich or Sassy with our silicone butt toys. The Arrow, Sol and PP1 by Fuze are perfect silicone beginner toys. For some fun anal training, try our Tristan 1 which is designed specifically for beginner/intermediate and with extended wearing in mind!

A coregasm is an orgasm that happens spontaneously while you’re doing core body exercise and workouts. When you engage your muscles to stabilize your core, you may also end up contracting the pelvic floor muscles that can be essential to achieving orgasm. For most women, it is not a clitoral like orgasm but more of a vaginal and full body kind of orgasm. Both women and men have reported this phenomenon. With men it happens around the prostate area and can last considerably longer than regular p-spot orgasm (though not nearly as intense). Ejaculation has even been reported without a hard-on! Coregasms are not linked to any one kind of exercise but rather a variety of core body workouts that utilize different core muscle groups. Even more reasons why we all should be hitting the gym and yoga mats more frequently!

This is a question we get asked all the time from many people young and old. With such a wide range of vibes to choose from it can be quite daunting to choose something right. I always respond with “it really depends on what you want”. Here are some questions you may want to consider beforehand : Do you want a vibe just for clitoral stimulation or do you want something insertable or both? Do you want something for g-spot or p-spot play as well? Do you want a toy you and a partner can use together? Do you need something that is quiet and waterproof? Do you want a rechargeable toy or is a traditional battery operated toy fine? Do you want something with a lot of power? What about transportability? Size? Material skin feel? Lube compatibility? Warranty? How much do want to spend? As you see, there’s a lot of questions to ask yourself. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few basics, we can help you choose the right tool for the right job that is just right for you. We’re there to help.

Get the Twisted Monk Starter Kit. It comes in 3 perfect lengths of beautiful strong hemp rope in gorgeous colours, scissors, and a DVD training video to get you started. It’s really the best!

SM 101 by Jay Wiseman and the Ultimate Guide to Kink by Tristan Taormino are 2 great books for anyone interested in BDSM to get started with. They are both some of the most realistic, comprehensive, and user friendly books on the market. We also carry a wide range of excellent resource material on BDSM from beginner to advanced on select topics of interest. Please inquire.

Erotic electro-stimulation ( also known as electro-sex). Simply put, electro-sex is the practise involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with particular emphasis on the genitals using a power source such as a TENS unit, EMS or Violet Wand, for the purpose of sexual stimulation and pleasure. Sensations can range from a mild prickly, tingly sensation to a full out hard thumping or razor like cutting sensation depending on the units and/or attachments used and where and how they’re applied. As thrilling as playing with electro-sex can be, you need to ensure  you and your play partner(s) are well informed and up for it. Have an honest conversation before touching any type of electro-stimulation device. Are there piercings to be aware of?  Is there health issues – especially concerning the heart? Is there any sensitivity to electricity? Pacemaker? Possible pregnancy? IUD? Have you or your partner(s) played with electricity before? Make sure to consult an electro-sex safety guide and be familiar with all of the safety concerns before you even think about playing with electricity. As rewarding and orgasmic as electrosex can be, never forget that it can also be dangerous. Be well informed and practise safe!