Shower Power


A super invigorating blend of organic essential oils designed for use in the shower or steam bath. This blend strengthens the body’s immune response against unwanted pathogens and environmental toxins, cleanses the body, clears the mind, and helps get the circulation moving. Beats morning coffee hands down!



100% pure organic essential oils including Bay Laurel, Black Spruce, Blue Spruce, Rosemary, Niaouli, Eucalyptus radiata, White Fir & Peppermint. We also have this blend available with Lavandin Super. Please specify if you want one or the other. Otherwise we’ll send you either. They are both great! Directions for use:While in shower or steam, place 5-10 drops of e.o. blend directly in palm of hands & rub all over body like a soap.  Can also be used with dry brushing prior to shower. *Use SHOWER POWER to enhance any cleansing program by further assisting & boosting the detoxification process.