Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief is a highly effective aroma-medicine synergy to help ease symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Regular use will effectively help build the body’s natural resistance against allergens.


100% pure essential blend. Properties: -anti allergen -anti-viral -anti bacterial -anti inflammatory -anti histamine -immune symptom builder  Uses: Topical, inhalation or oral. Notes: Can be used through simple inhalation on a tissue or with a common inhalator. May also be used orally 1 drop to a cup of water & sipped slowly. Works wonders for seasonal allergies. I have personally found it to be very effective to help alleviate symptoms caused from food allergies when taken orally. The synergy of these essential oils acts as a natural anti-histimane to help mitigate a variety of symptoms caused by seasonal, environmental and food related allergenic responses.

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15ml, 5ml