Buddha Wood


This rare and special sacred oil from Australia has been reputed to have similar spiritual properties to that of Oud and Sandalwood oil.  In fact, it is also commonly called False Sandalwood and it posses many of the same  profile characteristics as the rare and cost prohibitive Oud.

Buddha Wood has shown to have excellent analgesic properties making it a great addition to muscle pain relief blends as well as being an effective agent against a variety of staphylococcus organisms.

Aromatically, Buddha Wood with its tenacious smoky, oakwood, spicy-earth scent makes an excellent base note especially when blended with florals and citrus.  

Buddha Wood with its wonderful aromatic base note nuances plus its many healing properties makes it is a prized addition for both the perfumer and the aromatherapist alike.



Buddha Wood: (Eremophella  mitchella)~ wood Origin: Australia w/c Method: Steam distilled Properties: Calming; Analgesic; Anti microbial; Cooling; Grounding; Anti bacterial . Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes (eremophilone) Blends well with Rose, Frankincense and most citrus oils.

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15ml, 5ml