Isis “Thieves” Blend


Okay, so we broke down from all the requests to make a “Thieves” blend. Seems the plague is going around or something. Now, we don’t purport that our Isis “Thieves” Blend resembles any others with similar names. It is our unique variation on the same theme with the suggested oils you all keep asking us to use. We’ve never experienced any other blends with similar names but we do know our blend is potent as hell!  Unwanted pathogens beware! Please use moderately;~ don’t be a willy-nilly. This is potent stuff!


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Contents: 100% pure *organic essential oils. *Madagascar Clove, *Italian Lemon, *Italian Orange, *Portuguese Eucalyptus radiata, *Corsican Eucalyptus globulus, *French Rosemary cineole and the very best *Cinnamon oils from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. That’s it!  Properties: Antimicrobial: Antiseptic: Antibacterial: Antifungal: Antiviral

Caution: Dermal caustic. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid if pregnant. Dilute! Dilute!! Dilute!!! You know how it’s done.

*To make an effective cleaning scrub for your bathtub or shower, take about 1 cup of baking soda and add around 15-20 drops Isis “Thieves” blend and give it a good shake. Use gloves and a damp scouring sponge. You can also add a few drops to a spray bottle to clean counter tops or in a bucket of hot water for cleaning floors, etc. You can even put a few drops in your vacuum to keep things fresh! You’re only limited by your imagination. Just remember to DILUTE! 1% is more than enough if using for dermal applications such as massage (which it is also nice for) or for home made hand sanitizers.

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