Green Man


Green Man No. 9

Our famous Green Man blend has been all time favourite for many years around here. It is a classic masculine chypre that is deep, rich, velvety green, and totally intoxicating. Its secret lies in a careful balance of French Oakmoss, hydro-distilled Haitian Vetivert, our finest Patchouli oils, finely aged Atlas Cedarwood, ethically sourced *Sandalwood, Tobacco Leaf, Spruce and a host of others. There are hints of luscious sweet Madagascar Vanilla, exalting Angelica, Jasmine and ambery Cistus. Top notes include fresh Lime and Bergamot bringing the blend to life, beckoning you in to go deeper into its mystery. Green Man captures you with its intoxicating, addictive fragrance, leaving you begging for more time and time again! Each limited edition batch has been intentionally crafted with slight differing nuances highlighting hidden aromatic jewels buried within.


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  • *Green Man No. 9
  • Formulated with over 33 rare and special pure essential oils including *Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood 

 100% Pure essential oils. Dilute before use. Each batch of our Green Man olfactory creation is intentionally created slightly different each time. Every new batch contains a rare secret hidden inside making it highly unique yet totally irresistable every time! USE SPARINGLY!

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15ml, 5ml