Buzz Off Blend


Our Buzz Off! essential oil blend contains some of the most effective natural insect repellents in the herbal aromatic arsenal. It really works & smells great! *Also available in our famous Buzz Off! ready-to-use formulation format for your convenience.



100% pure essential oils including Eucalyptus citriodora, Rose Geranium, Cedar wood oils, Lemongrass, Patchouli & Catnip.  Dilute before use. Use about 1 ml. essential oil blend per 30 mls of prefered base. Can be diluted in coconut oil, soya bean oil, aloe vera gel, hydrosols, etc. If using an aqua base, we find mixing the e.o’s with equal amounts of high grade alcohol helps emulsify and disperse the essential oils better. May also be used directly on clothing or added to a diffuser of your choice. Use about 2.5 mls of pure e.o. for every 100 mls of preferred base.

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15ml, 5ml