Buzz Off!

  •  100% Organic Squito-beater

  • Good For You And The World We Live In!

Buzz Off! is our #1 all time seasonal best seller for keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay. I started making this stuff just for myself originally over 20 plus years ago to keep the mosquitos away from eating me alive while I was wild-crafting & gardening. Over the years the recipe got tweaked & refined to just the right combination of oils you see here today. It is made with 100% organic ingredients and mother nature’s most potent herbal aromatic repellents against mosquitoes, ticks & other irritating pests. Buzz Off! is a very effective insect repellant that is safe for children & pets. Did we say it smells great too? In fact, some of our clients like to use it just for the smell as a personal perfume!

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Contents: Glacier Water, Aloe Vera, Sweet Gale A.H., Rose Geranium A.H., Peppermint A.H., Sandalwood A.H., Lavender A.H., Neem Co2 extract, Oleic acid, Calendula extrait, Vanillin, Black Willow Bark. Essential Oils: Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Eucalyptus citiodora, Zedoary & Catnip.

Packaged in a convenient spray top bottle.

*Also available as Buzz Off pure essential oil blend.

**Please note, each batch may be slightly different year to year as is the nature of pure Genuine & Authentic essential oils.