Patchouli, Reserve


Patchouli has a sweet, earthy, rich aroma that gets better with age. This particular specimen has been carefully  distilled in cast iron vats. It has a deep, dark, super rich and tenaciously long lasting aroma. Patchouli is much under estimated for it’s abilities as an anti fungal agent, venous tonic and in skin care. it can be used in small amounts straight up or diluted in an appropriate base. And of course, Patchouli is a must for the perfumer. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted in this special reserve edition whether used in perfumery or therapeutically.



Patchouli(Pogostemon cabin) ~leaf Origin: IND – c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: decongestant; antii-inflammative; anti fungal; aromatic fixative. Primary Constituents: Sesquterpene hydrocarbons 45% Sesquterpene Alcohols 40%. Blends well with Rose, Orange, Cedar wood, Peppermint, Vetivert and Ylang-ylang. Uses: Topical

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15ml, 5ml