Zanthoxylum is quite a luscious aromatic treat both therapeutically and for the perfumer. The high amount of Methyl cinnamate in this oil is what gives it it’s warm, spicy, ripe fruit aroma plus its ability to ease pain. Traditionally, this tree is regarded to have religious importance and magical powers. All the parts including the bark, leaves, thorns, fruit and seeds have been used for centuries. Sweet tonics and decoctions have been made throughout history to address numerous health conditions including fever, cholera and oral problems. In fact, the tree is known as the “toothache tree” for its effectiveness at addressing oral problems.

The smell of Zanthoxylum reminds of ripe exotic fruit with a bit of peppery spice and smooth balsamic wood. An interesting contemplation for an exotic perfume creation with a little Elemi and Galangal I’m dreaming. Or a sweet therapeutic body rub to ease those aches and pains.




Zanthoxylum: (Zanthoxylum armathum)~fruit Origin: NEP Method: Steam distilled Properties: anti-arthritic; antiseptic, hepatoprotective; anti-diabetic; carminative.  Distinguished Constituent: Methyl cinnamate. Uses: Topical.

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15ml, 5ml