Cedarwood, Atlas Special Reserve


Creamy, earthy and sweetly balsamic. This is my all time favourite Cedarwood. It tends to get better & better with age but I’v never been able to keep enough around unfortunately for more than a couple years. Five years once and that was a miracle joy! This particular batch I managed to tuck away and has been aging for a couple years now so it is quite lovely. For any natural perfumers out there, I would recommend grabbing a bit to tuck away if you can. It’s going to be oh so lovely! But as I said, It’s really nice as it is.

Therapeutically, Atlas Cedarwood is one of the best lypolytic and circulatory essential oils. We use it in many applications including our famous Buzz Off!, Adrenal Support and Green Man blends, to which Atlas Cedarwood holds a starring role both therapeutically and aromatically.

Atlas Cedar wood is a must in any “chypre” type blend but also works well with many floral compositions as well. Our other Atlas Cedarwood from Morocco is a bit stronger aromatically with a more sharp earthy/wood accord, so you may want it if you’re blending fragrantly strong oils. This particular Atlas Cedarwood is more smooth and creamy with a rich balsamic body. They are both very nice but I personally lean towards this one. But that’s me. Try them both if you can’t decide!



Atlas Cedarwood: (Cedrus atlantica) ~wood Origin: Morocco c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Lypolitic; circulatory stimulant; varicose veins; cellulite; bronchitis. Primary Constituents: Sesqiterpenes (atlantol,atlantone). Blends well with Patchouli, Vetivert, Pine, Cypress, Spruce & Lemongrass. Uses: Unguent; massage; inhalation; perfume. A small amount creates lasting stimulation. Use sparingly.

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15ml, 5ml