Organic Perilla Seed Oil


Perilla seed oil is a new oil for us here. I really love the texture and smell of this oil. It has a kind of rich oily-herbal-green-nutty aroma. Perilla is actually a member of the mint family and is cultivated extensively in Japan for a wide variety of uses from medicine, culinary and for cosmetic purposes.The oil is rich in Alpha-Linoleic Acid and has been well documented for it’s effectiveness against acne. Perilla seed oil is anti allergenic, antiseptic, anti inflammative and possesses powerful anti oxidant properties. It’s linoleic acid content also acts as a barrier to protect the skin and hair against water loss thus helping retain moisture. Perilla seed oil is soothing and calming, and will help provide protection for mature ageing skin. Can be used in a variety of applications including cellulite treatments, acne treatments, therapeutic massage blends, eczema relief, for stretch mark prevention, in skin serums, hair care, and various therapeutic salves. LOVE!



Perilla seed oil(Perilla frutescens) ~seed Origin: JAP *certified organic cold pressed seeds. Properties: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and tumor preventing properties. Perilla Seeds are cold pressed to produce an oil rich in vitamins and amino acids. Approximately 50-60% of the oil is Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA) which is an Omega-3 fatty acid. The high ALA content helps the skin and hair retain moisture; the Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids and can be used in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Shelf life is 2 years or longer properly stored (keep in cool place out of direct sun-light). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

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148 mls