Lavender Hydrosol


Organic Lavender hydrosol is really an all purpose hydrosol that can be used on it’s own or blended with other hydrosols. It makes a wonderful natural facial toner for all skin types or as an ingredient for face masks and as a skin cleanser. Use Lavender hydrosol for sunburn, wind-burn,  dry itchy skin or acne. Emotionally, Lavender hydrosol is a great tonic, adapting itself to your body’s physical, mental and emotional needs. It is relaxing and revitalizing; helping one to de-stress and to reduce mental fatigue.There are literally countless ways to use Lavender hydrosol, from pet care to baby care, as a travel aid for jet lag and to help reduce road rage. Nice sprayed on linens or on your pillow at night. Combine with other hydrosols for enhanced synergistic formulation and complimentary blending. Works well with Helichrysum, Sandalwood, Rose, Melissa, etc.



Lavender Hydrosol (Lavandula angustifolia)~flowers ORIGIN: Canada METHOD: Seam distilled – certified organic.

Additional information

100ml, 50 mls.