“White Tumeric”

Zedoary comes to us from our friends in Nepal. This deliciously handsome oil is abundant in many health providing properties. It is like a cross between Ginger and Tumeric with the lush scent of mangos. It was once widely used both medicinally and for culinary purposes throughout Southeast Asia but was replaced with Ginger and Tumeric primarily for economical cultivation purposes. In Traditional Chinese medicine, Zedoary is associated with the liver and spleen. The herb in TCM is known as E Zhu where it is widely used to invigorate the blood and remove stagnation. Recent examination over the past several years have reportedly shown some remarkable anticancer activity and efficacy in Zedoarys constituents. Zedoary also shares constituents present in Myrrh, Elemi and a number of other amazing oils rich in sesquiterpenes known for their antiinflammative, healing properties.

On another note, Zedoary is a potent aphrodisiac for men and women par excellence. It exhibits qualities that are highly beneficial for the libido, such as blood flow, vigor, stamina as well as de-stressing and warming properties. And for the natural perfumer, Zedoary is really an oil that can’t be missed. The layers of unique aromas of spicy-earthy-pungent-rooty-tart-sweet. The chef in your house will be thoroughly delighted. OMG! I am in love! Let it linger. It will caress and possess you with time. Did we mention Zedoary is an effective mosquito repellant as well? And much more….




Zedoary: (Curcuma Zedoaria) ~rhizomes Origin: NEP Properties: anti oxidant; anti inflammatory; sexual tonic; digestive aid; blood purifying; cytotoxic. Primary Constituents: Sesquiterpenes. Blends well with Ginger, Tumeric, Elemi and Black Pepper.

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