Argan Oil


Known as “Liquid Gold”, Organic Argan Oil from Morocco is a rare and amazing emollient that is super rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids. Argan oil helps prevent wrinkles and softens the hair. It reduces chapping and dehydration by protecting and revitalizing the skin and hair from exposure to severe weather elements. It can also be used to ease cases of acne and eczema and promote healing from scar tissue caused by aggressive skin conditions. Argan oil cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin leaving it glowing and radiant. Argan also has the ability to strengthen and condition dry, fragile, lifeless hair leaving it lustrously smooth and shiny.



Argan Oil –(Argania Spinosa) Origin: MOR c/org Pimary Constituents: Essential Fatty Acids- Oleic- 18:1
 Linoleic- 18:2 Uses: Culinary and cosmetic. Although our organic Argan oil has a relatively long shelf life due to it s naturally high vitamin E content (about 1-2 years properly stored), we advise keeping it cool or even refrigerated to maintain freshness and quality.

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