Tea Tree


Tea Tree is probably the most indispensable essential oil along with Lavender to have in ones emergency first aid kits. It is the perfect oil for treating all sorts of infections from viral to bacterial including infections of the mucous membranes and intestinal viral infections. It works wonders on herpes lesions, bladder infections, acne, cuts and scrapes, athletes foot, insect bites and skin irritations of all kinds. Tea Tree has also been proven especially beneficial in treating chronic candida related vaginitis. It is no wonder that it is referred to as the Australian wonder oil!



Tea Tree : (Melaleuca alternafolia)~leaves Origin:  Australia –c/org. Method: Steam distilled Properties: Antimicrobial; antifungal ; antii-infective ; anti viral ;bactericide. Primary Contituents: Monoterpenes 25% Alcohols (terpene-1-ol-4) 50% Oxides (1,4 cineole, 1,8 cineole). Blends well with Niaouli, Ravensare, Rosemary, Bay Laurel & Sage. Uses: Topical, inhalation, *oral, *douche. *Please consult for proper dosage.

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