Thyme Thymol


Thyme Thymol is hot and aggressive. It is effective at addressing stubborn viral and bacterial infections of all sorts. It is especially good for addressing conditions that are chronic in nature. Thyme thymol helps to build up the immune system response which translates into less future down time for the sufferer.

Thyme Thymol also works wonders on athletes foot. Nice used in a warm salt water foot bath. Ask our smelly sneaker teenage boys about that one! We’ve also found Thyme Thymol to be very effective against head-lice. Careful though, as Thyme Thymol is sensitizing on the skin. We use about 3-5 drops of Thyme Thymol along with a few drops Lavender and Tea Tree, per 100 mls. of base oil. 


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Thyme Thymol : (Thymus vulgaris thymol) ~herb Origin: GER – w/c Method: Steam distilled Properties: antibacterial ;anti viral; anti-microbial; anti fungal; anti parasitic; immune system support. Primary Constituents: Phenols (thymol, carvacrol) 50% Monoterpenes (myrcene, terpinene). *Caution: Skin irritant. *Thyme thymol should always be used in moderation and with respect due to its high phenol content. Not intended for extended periods of time. Consult your professional aromatherapist if in doubt.


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