Hinoki Wood


”The Tree Where God stayed” ~ Hinoki, or Japanese Cypress, is a variety of Cypress exclusive to the Japanese archipelago and the island of Taiwan. In fact, Hinoki simply means Cypress. Hinoki wood has been cherished throughout the centuries as a building material for traditional structures such as shrines and temples since it is resistant to rot. It also is used in Shinto ceremonies and to build special wooden baths & a favourite with the Bonsai enthusiasts because of its slow growth. The wood itself is fragrant, clean, and restoratively relaxing for the body and mind. The essential oil of Hinoki Wood is purifying, regenerative, relaxing & protective. May be used as an excellent addition to various skin care products, hair tonics, room diffusers & energy clearing blends. In perfumery, Hinoki displays exotic oriental type musk-lemony- green tea-fresh wood notes with a healthy tenacity. Hinoki is definitely a worthy oil for any perfumers consideration.



Hinoki Wood (Chamacyparis formosana) ~ wood Origin: Taiwan ethically cultivated Properties: anti- fungal; anti bacterial; decongesting; relaxing. Primary consituents- Sequiterpenes: (a-cadinol;t-muurolol,) ;Monoterpene :(hinokitio) Blends well with Lemon, Cypress, Lavender, Clary & Frankincense. *Constituents in this oil have shown promising results against human colon cancer-Robert Tisserand Essential Oil Safety 2nd edition p. 302 & inhibitory effects on Chlamydia trachomatis Yamano, H; Yamazaki, T; Sato, K; Shiga, S; Hagiwara, T; Ouchi, K; Kishimoto, T (2005). “In vitro inhibitory effects of hinokitiol on proliferation of Chlamydia trachomatis.

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