Eucalyptus Radiata


Eucalyptus radiata is my favourite of all Eucalyptus varieties for its effectiveness, gentleness and its unique fragrant aroma. Eucalyptus radiata is the must have in your top 10 essential oil list especially for any kind of upper respiratory conditions. Best essential oil for children’s cough and colds. Or anybody’s cough and cold for that matter.  My kids used to like it when they were young combined with Sweet Orange essential oil to help them sleep during bouts of seasonal colds and flu.



Eucalyptus Radiata : Eucalyptus radiate ~leaves Origin: SA– c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Anti viral; expectorant Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes 30%, Alcohols 20%, Oxides (cineole) 50%. Blends well with Ravintsare, Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus Dives, Orange, Tea Tree, Niaouli (MQV), Hyssop, Rosemary & Thyme Linalol.  Uses: Topical and inhalation.

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