Basil helps focus the mind and energize the Spirit. It can help reduce menstrual cramps and ease muscular aches and pains. Basil excels at being a great digestive and helps with relief from constipation and flatulence. I especially like it blended with Cardamom and a little Anise. Basil also has wonderful anti viral properties making it a useful oil during cold and flu season.

This Basil var. linalol has a sweet-spicy, slightly green, fresh aroma with musty-woody, balsamic undertones. A very versatile essential oil  for the perfumer, in the kitchen and of course, in the aroma-medica cabinet.

*Basil opens up the throat and heart centres allowing one’s inner voice to be a guide to creative self expression. *Robbi Z. “The Blossoming Heart”.



Basil Linalol: (Ocimum basilicum)~leaves Origin: EGY c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Anti spasmodic; digestive tonic; anti infectious; anti viral. Primary Constituents : Alcohols (linalool) 65% Phenypropanes (methyl chavicole) 7%. Blends well with Rosemary, Peppermint, Cardamon and Bitter Orange. Uses: Topical, culinary, oral (1 drop). Nice in pesto!

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15ml, 5ml