Sage needs to be treated with respect but is much less toxic than its high ketone content suggests. Combined with Helichrysum and appropriately diluted, Sage is a very effective wound healer and is useful at reducing scar tissue. Sage eases joint and arthritis pain & is reputed for stimulating hair growth. Use in moderation. For a gentle Sage alternative, try our Greek Sage!

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Sage (Salvia officinalis) ~leaves Origin:COR organically produced Method: steam distilled Properties: expectorant; cell regenerating; anti bacterial; antiviral. Primary contituents: Monoterpenes 7%;(pinene , camphene; ketones 55% (a-thujone, camphor, b-thujone) ; oxides 15%. Blends well with Helichrysum, Lavender & Rosemary verbenone. Use in moderation. *High Ketone content. Avoid if pregnant and with small children. May raise blood pressure due to its immune stimulating effect.  For external use only. Dilute before use.

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