Violet Leaf Absolute


I love working with this absolute. The tiniest amount is all that’s required in a blend. Violet Leaf lends an unsurpassed shimmering green elegance with soft velvety floral nuances to the perfumers palette. Fantastic in florals, chypres, orientals, or whatever olfactory creation you’re dreaming up. Violet leaf adds that aromatic special kind of alchemy to almost any blend. Even on it’s own it’s truly magical. And the colour is exquisite! *Use sparingly for best results.

“Truly a green leaf odor, but with an indisputable floral and delicate note which makes it immediately reminiscent of violets in a bouquet.” Steffan Arctander (Perfume and Flavors of Natural Origin 1st edition).



Violet Leaf absolute: (viola odorata) ~leaf Origin: EGY Method: absolute extraction from cultivated violets. Used for its elegant, fragrant perfume. *Non sensitizing, non-irritant, non phototoxic. *(Robert Tisserand Essential Oil Safety 2nd edition).

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10%, 2 ml, 5ml