Pink Lotus Absolute


Sacred, precious and rare!

This Pink Lotus is the most heavenly scented of all the Lotus flowers. A tiny amount is all you need to unleash her beauty. In fact, it seems to transform and come more alive upon dilution. She opens up beautifully with expansion to express herself. A truly mystical and magical oil indeed. The fragrance is a refined honey-sweet-powdery-floral with an understated luscious ripe-fruit aroma and a penetrating earthy richness that’s tenacious and complex. An aroma fit for the Goddess herself!



Pink Lotus absolute (Nelumbo nucifera) ~flowers ORIGIN: IND Method: Solvent extraction. Properties: Calming and centering. Primary Constituents: Heptadecadiene, Pentadecane, Tetradecanol, Pentadecene. Uses: Sacred perfumes and anointing blends

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10%, 2 ml, 5ml