Oregano is a must have for the home phamacoepias especially during cold & flu season. It is strongly anti bacterial and anti viral making it indispensible for combatting respiratory infections. Oregano will help build up the immune system & strengthen the spleen helping to reduce the frequency & severity of common communicable pathogenic illnesses. We suggest diluting your Oregano essential oil in a base of organic olive oil. 5 or 6 drops e.o. (essential oil) to every 5 mls (1 tsp.) of olive oil (or preferred base oil) will make a fairly strong dilution that can be taken orally 2-3 drops several times per day on the onset of a cold. Because of the strongly anti bacterial nature of oregano, we suggest building up healthy bacterial flora in the intestinal tract by either taking an acidophilus supplement or through diet.



OREGANO: (Origanum heracleoticum)~herb Origin: Mediterranean – wild craft Method: Steam distilled Properties: Anti-microbial; anti-parasitic; anti-fungal; anti-viral. Primary Constituents: Phenols (carvacol, thymol) >55% monoterpenes. Uses: Internal orally properly diluted in olive oil or honey or used in a suppository. Caution: Organo is dermocaustic. Very aggressive!

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