Giant Aborvitae



The Giant Aborvitae grows abundantly here in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Sacred but not rare, It has been used by the First Nations people here for over 10,000 years to tell their stories through totems carved from the wood of these majestic trees. So central was this tree to their existence in fact, they named it the Tree Of Life. Giant Arborvitae only grows in the Pacific Northwest and the oil produced from these sacred giants has been carefully steam distilled from ethical and sustainable sources. The aroma of the Giant Arborvitae essential oil is complex and elegant. Not pungent like the more common juniperus virginiana cedar varieties. It has a smooth nutty-wood aroma with spicy pepper-nutmeg notes and a hint of lime. It will be a fun oil for us perfumers to play around with for sure!



Giant Aborvitae: (Thuja plicata) ~wood Origin: CAN Method: Steam distilled from ethical & sustainable source. Major Constituents:** Methyl Thujate 57% Hinokitiol 2% Thujic Acid 4%. Considered generally safe. *This is a fairly new essential oil edition and as such, there has not been a lot of documentation surrounding its safety. I would treat as I would any Red Cedar Wood~ Avoid if pregnant or lactating and with small children.

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