Ginger, Fresh


Ginger is an excellent remedy for stomach upset, morning sickness, menstrual cramps, constipation and sexual fatigue. It is warming to the lungs and makes a nice addition in many types of salves and massage oil blends. Ginger oil finds a place of course as well in many culinary dishes and beverages from stir-fries and soups to warm ginger tea and the famous Jamaican ginger beer. In perfumery, our fresh Ginger essential oil adds a pleasant warm, herbaceous, full-bodied “spice” note.



GINGER: (Zingebar officinale)~rhizome Origin:  Sri Lanka – c/org Method: Hydro-diffused Properties: -Digestive tonic -Warming -normalizes digestion -analgesic -Aphrodisiac Primary Constituents: sesquiterpenes 70% Blends well with Cardamom, Black pepper, Coriander and Rose.  Uses;Topical and *oral (not to exceed 1 drop) *Please consult qualified aroma-medicine practitioner before taking essential oils internally!

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15ml, 5ml