Fennel seed essential oil is primarily used as a carminative. One drop taken orally in a glass of water can relieve flatulence by expelling gas from the intestines and stomach lining. It is also indicated for kidney support, gall bladder deficiency, obesity and as a male sexual tonic. Fennel’s analgesic and relaxing properties make it a good oil to help relieve muscle cramping. Traditionally, nursing mothers have used Fennel to increase insufficient milk supply. The flavour of Fennel is very sweet, somewhat like licorice, with a nice, slightly warm and spicy aromatic after-taste. Very pleasant. *Please note, true unadulterated Fennel seed essential oil is a rarity. Ours is the real thing distilled from wild, non GMO fennel seeds only.



Fennel: (Foenculum vulgare) ~seeds Origin:FR –w/c Method: Steam distilled Properties: -cardiotonic,;analgesic -Kidney support -Gall bladder deficiency -Muscle cramps -Flatulence -Obesity -Male sexual tonic -Menopause -Insufficient milk (nursing mothers) -Asthma  Primary Constituents: Monoterpenes 25%, Phenylpropanes (anethol) 70% Ketones (fenchone) 3%. Blends well with Rosemary, Lavender and Lemon.Uses: Topical diluted or orally (1-2 drops). Contraindicated for estrogen dependant cancer cell lines. Fennel is a known estrogen mimicker.

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15ml, 5ml