Peppermint, European vintage


This is a “WOW!” Peppermint. Limited quantities available. Truly the Peppermint oil of choice for upset tummies, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches or for wherever you need a really good tasting, fast acting Peppermint oil. A dream in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet alike. The extra pennies of this premium vintage oil are well worth it! Sweet like candy, yet delightfully cool & refreshing. Gets right in to where it counts deliciously fast and effectively. Love!



Peppermint: (Mentha piperita) ~ leaves Origin: HUN Method: Steam distilled from certified organic young leaves. Properties: Spasmolytic; Cooling; Stimulating; Anti inflammative; Analgesic; Hepatic stimulant. Primary Constituents: Alcohols( Menthol around 43%); Ketones ( Menthone around 22%). Blends well with Rosemary var. vebenone, Moroccan Chamomile and Lavender.

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15ml, 5ml