Lemon Myrtle


More lemon-y than lemon! This oil is perhaps my all time favourite essential oil for combating colds and flus. It relaxes the bronchial passages to help one get a good nights rest when a cough is keeping you up whilst being a powerful germ buster & it smells just like lemon candy. Lemon Myrtle has also many popular culinary uses. Most notably Australian indigenous “bushwhack” cuisine where it is used in some surprisingly delicious ways. Especially good in cream based dishes such as tofu whip cream or with fish! Use Lemon Myrtle sparingly as it is very strong and highly aromatic. Also good diluted in olive oil and used in drops as you would oil of Oregano. *Anecodotal evidence has shown homes that diffuse Lemon Myrtle in the air have less incidence of flu outbreaks.



Lemon Myrtle: (Backhousia citriodora) ~leaves Origin: Australia  c/org Method: Steam distilled Properties: Antimcrobial; Powerful germicide; Antibacterial; Calming; Antifungal; Natural Pesticide. Primary Constituents: Aldehydes (citral) >90% Uses: Inhalation; topically well diluted; culinary. Caution: Skin irritant. Dilute well before use

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15ml, 5ml