Mandarin Petitgrain


A potent spasmolytic with an exquisite perfume reminiscent of Tunisian Neroli. In fact, our Mandarin Petitgrain has fooled some very discerning noses around here! This delightful essential oil is a wonderful extender for the precious and very dear Neroli. It contains a high amount of the component Methyl anthranilate which is also present in Neroli, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ylang-ylang, Champaca and other oils reputed for their sublimely relaxing and aphrodisiac like properties. This Corsican Mandarin Petitgrain is the nicest Petitgrain we have ever come across and we think you’ll agree. It’s simply sublime!



Mandarin, Petitgrain : ( Citrus reticula) `leaf Origin: Corsica Method: Steam distilled Properties: De-stressing; calming; anti-bacterial; cramp releasing; anti depressive; aphrodisiac. Primary Constituents: Methylanthranilate 50%. Blends well with Neroli, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Spikenard, Roman Chamomile, Green Mandarin & Lavender.

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15ml, 5ml