Tumeric Co2


Medicinally, Tumeric is known as the “Golden Goddess” in Ayurveda with a history that goes back about 5,000 years. It has been used from everything from skin care to wound healing, as a digestive tonic, for arthritis, liver congestion, eczema, as a relaxant, for degenerative conditions, insect bites and burns. Ayurveda especially recommends turmeric for the female reproductive system, specifically breast and uterine care.

More recently, Turmeric was nominated by the National Cancer Institute for further study into its anti-cancerous potential on many types of cancers.

This Co2 extract extract contains  over 60% Turmerones and traces of Curcumin. Some recent studies into skin care have recognized the anti wrinkle properties of Turmerones.

I think the beautiful deep golden colour of this extract along with it’s melony fragrance and possible anti wrinkle effect would suggest Tumeric making a fine addition to a golden skin elixir or night creme.




TUMERIC: (Curcuma longa)~ rhizome Origin: IND Method: Carbon dioxide extraction Properties:-antiseptic; relaxant; balancing; analgesic; carminative; antioxidant; anti carcinogenic.

The aroma of this Tumeric co2 extract is rooty-earth-melon-spice like. Very nice! Uses: Topical and culinary.

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